Dangers of Sleep Debt

Are you getting enough sleep?  If not, you are in sleep dept.  You may be so used to it, that you have forgotten what it's like to feel wide awake.  Beware!  This can be dangerous!  Here are some dangers:

  1. Fall asleep at inconvenient times

  2. Feel tired a lot

  3. Feel depressed

  4. Feel more stressed and anxious

  5. Easily get irritated or angry

  6. Lose your sense of humor

  7. Lose your ability to cope with difficulties

  8. Lose interest in friendships

  9. Gain weight

  10. Feel chilled

  11. Lose body immunity to disease

  12. Be more susceptible to heart problems over time

  13. Become less productive

  14. Lose your ability to concentrate

  15. Lose your ability to remember details

  16. Be less able to handle complex tasks

  17. Be less able to think logically

  18. Be less able to assimilate and analyze new information

  19. Be less able to think critically

  20. Lose decision-making skill

  21. Lose vocabulary and communication skills

  22. Become less creative

  23. Lose motor skill and coordination

  24. Be less perceptive and alertness

Pay back your sleep debt and make sleep a high priority, even if the whole world around you is living in sleep debt.

One last thought
Sleep deprivation  is a tactic used in torture and brain-washing, so don't do it to yourself for too  long!





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It was last updated on 03 May 2010 .