Where Did Eastern Lighting Come From?


According to Wikipedia, Eastern Lightning (
东方闪电) is a cult in China that believes that God has returned to earth as a woman born in China to guide mankind in the last days. The official name for the group is the Church of Almighty God (全能神教会). Other names are Seven Spirits Sect (七灵派), Second Saviour Sect (二次救主派), New Power Lord's Church (新能力主教会), True Light Sect (真光派) and True Way Sect (真道派). The group was started in 1989 in Heilongjiang Province by Zhao Weishan (赵维山). They are known for infiltrating churches, making friends with Christians and then leading them away from their homes to go elsewhere for indoctrination. They sometimes employ extreme methods, including kidnapping and torture. 

According to William Bennett, a Christian who is very familiar with Christianity in Mainland China, followers of the Eastern Lightning group believe that God used different names in the three different ages:

  • "Jehovah" in the Age of Law
  • "Jesus" in the Age of Grace
  • "The Almighty God" in this present Kingdom Age, currently a Chinese woman named Yang Xiangbin (杨向彬), born around 1973.

Mr. Bennett has done extensive research on the group, and he has written a 23-page paper in which he outlines the group's history, beliefs and error according to the Bible:

Where Did Eastern Lightning Come From?  

东方闪电是从哪里来的? (Chinese version)


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