Prayer for Forgiveness and Healing in Marriage

In the name of Jesus I come before you first of all to ask you to forgive my sin. Cleanse me Lord in your precious blood in the name of Jesus. Lord Jesus, many times in the past I have not walked according to Your Word in my marriage. I have made mistakes that have caused me to even go through divorce and a broken home, but Lord Jesus I come to you now asking you to forgive me for my attitude and my ways. Lord Jesus, forgive my mate for things that he or she has done to bring this bondage. In Jesusí name forgive me of things that I have done to bring this bondage. In the name of Jesus, I ask you Lord to break and loose me and my children and my family members from all and any curses and marriage-breaking spirits that have caused divorce, separation, bondage, voids in our lives, voids in my love, stolen love. I ask you Lord to heal these areas. Lord Jesus, heal the areas where Iíve seen my parents argue and not have a good family relationship. I ask You Father to loose me now from these curses: fear of men, fear of women and fear of marriage. I ask you Lord to loose me, set me free from all the arguing, hurt, hardness of heart.

Pilgrimís Ministry of Deliverance

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Pastor Ivory Hopkins