God's Perspective on Conflict Today

In order to understand conflict today, we need to look at the Bible to see it from God's point of view. The following Bible study is designed to help you see how the spiritual world affects the physical world and how to be victorious in the chaos that has been planned and that is spreading around the world today.

Chapter 1: Spiritual Conflict

Chapter 2: Spiritual Enemies

Chapter 3: Spiritual Weapons

Chapter 4: Spiritual Victory

Chapter 5: Spiritual Strength

Chapter 6: Spiritual Discipline

Chapter 7: Spiritual Focus

Chapter 8: Social Order

Chapter 9: Trust and Obey

Chapter 10: Rebellion and Usurpation

Chapter 11: Democracy Danger

Chapter 12: Legalism

Chapter 13: Agents Provocateurs

Chapter 14: Called-out Ones