Further Study About The Emerging Church


Notes on the Apostle Johns Epistles
Taken at a Bible Study Led by Walt Henrichsen
In San Francisco, 10-14 March 2008

Books About the Emerging Church

Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church (JRd̕), by Don Carson (ɭ)

  • Walt Henrichsen encourages people to read this book, because he says Carson is very even, very charitable and addresses a lot of questions, but hes also very strong in his position that you cannot compromise with the Bible.

  • The book is very scholarly and starts by examining the strengths of the Emerging Church: its good at reading the times and knowing that the presentation of the Gospel must change with the times; it values authenticity (_); it recognizes that the Church is within a cultural context and cannot be removed from it; it places high value on evangelism; it looks at tradition and seeks to build a faith that is rooted in the past while still being relevant to the present.

  • Referring specifically to McLaren's A Generous Orthodoxy and Chalke's The Lost Message of Jesus, Carson says: I have to say, as kindly but as forcefully as I can, that to my mind, if words mean anything, both McLaren and Chalke have largely abandoned the gospel. Perhaps their rhetoric and enthusiasm have led them astray and they will prove willing to reconsider their published judgments on these matters and embrace biblical truth more holistically than they have been doing in their most recent works. But if not, I cannot see how their own words constitute anything less than a drift toward abandoning the gospel itself. (p.186-7)

  • If you dont have time to read the whole book, you can also read summaries and reviews on the Internet: Summaries and reviews on Amazon, Short summary and review by Paul Alexander or do your own Google search.

Faith Undone, by Roger Oakland of Understanding the Times International

  • This book, published by Lighthouse Trails Publishing, aims to expose the dangers of the Emerging Church movement from a Biblical perspective, including its retreat to Roman Catholicism with its ancient rituals and practices, contemplative spirituality and mysticism and its unbiblical view of Hell, the Atonement, missions, evangelism and prophecy.  It also identifies some key leaders of the Emerging Church movement

  • The book is helpful for normal folks to understand whats going on behind the scenes, but Walt Henrichsen does not personally feel comfortable with one of Oaklands ideas that people are guilty by association.  He also doesnt seem to like Oaklands expos („) style.

Internet Articles and News About the Emerging Church

Lighthouse Trails Research Project

Understanding the Times C An international missionary outreach founded by Roger Oakland in 1990 and dedicated to evangelizing the lost and equipping the church for discernment (especially to expose the Emerging Church)

Congdon Ministries Intl, Inc., led by Dr. Rob Congdon, who speaks regularly about the European Union and the Emerging Church on Prophecy Today and in churches across the U.S.  

Audio About the Emerging Church

Prophecy Today

Understanding the Times

  • Founded by Roger Oakland in 1990

  • Has daily 5-minute radio programs

Dr. John MacArthur on YouTube

Video About the Emerging Church


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