The Emerging Church's Impact on Seminaries and Bible Expositors


Notes on the Apostle John¡¯s Epistles
Taken at a Bible Study Led by Walt Henrichsen
In San Francisco, 10-14 March 2008

Q: What¡¯s happening to seminaries across America in this regard?

I think with very few exceptions, they¡¯ve capitulated [surrendered on agreed conditions (Ͷ½µ)]. 

Harvey Cox, a theologian at Harvard Divinity School said, ¡°Never underestimate the Church¡¯s ability to adapt to culture.  It is highly market conscious.¡±

Conservative Bible teachers aged around 60 are now being kicked out of churches

[An American brother who graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary said] his peer group who graduated from DTS about 25 years ago is all getting moved out of their churches.  One pastor started with a church in Pennsylvania of 380 and grew it to 2300.  He had 17 pastors working for him. Three of those pastors led a revolt with the elder board and completely blind-sided him.  They told him he was out of the church.  I talked to him personally.  He had sacrificed for the church.  He had been in that church 26 years, and they want him out.  Another guy, a Biblical expositor of scripture in Massachusetts, just got moved out of his church.  Three or four elders moved him out.  He was a Navigator.  He used to travel with Leroy Eims.  Another guy San Francisco has been encouraged to go teach in seminary for a sabbatical, but there¡¯s an undercurrent that he can¡¯t retain the young ABC professionals at his church.  Another guy in Dallas is getting moved on by the church he founded.  I asked these guys, and they said maybe it¡¯s because our health insurance going up.  We¡¯re getting older [joke].   But I think it¡¯s the envy of the emerging churches who are sucking out all the people, so they have to get a new kind of pastor who is with it [adapting to the post-modern culture], not a pastor who will preach the Bible expositionally, but a post-modern pastor, because it¡¯s market conscious, and the sons are leaving to go to these big churches.  That¡¯s happening to my classmates.  It¡¯s amazing!  It¡¯s all across the country.  Another guy I don¡¯t know ¨C he was told he was done, and he was just stunned.  So he said, ¡°I guess I¡¯ll just have to change my message this Sunday and make it a goodbye message,¡± and they said, ¡°No.  You don¡¯t understand.  You are done today!  You are not speaking this Sunday.¡±


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