The Emerging Church's Spread to Asia


Notes on the Apostle JohnĄŻs Epistles
Taken at a Bible Study Led by Walt Henrichsen
In San Francisco, 10-14 March 2008

There are some ministries worldwide planting lots of churches worldwide.  There is a report of 75,000 new churches planted just in the last eight years, so God is moving incredibly outside the US.

My sense is that Christianity started in the Middle East, and its primary influence moved west.  The United States is probably 10 or 15 years behind Europe, but your part of the world [Asia] is where the Holy Spirit is most active today.

[Hong Kong brother:] I think itĄŻs just a matter of time [before the Emerging Church spreads here too].  The key issue is focusing on serving in love and whether you focus on the temporal or eternal.  That will define what is success.  Any church or seminary or organization that wants to succeed in terms of membership, income or influence will embrace those [Emerging Church] ideas, because [they think] it will bring them success.  So [Biblically faithful] people are running out of places to go.  People are fooling themselves when they want to minister to the glory of God and want to be successful by worldĄŻs definition.  As Jesus said, itĄŻs going to be a narrow door, and those who get in are few (Mt. 7:13,14), and you will be persecuted and rejected, but we want to be successful, we want to be influential and we want to be loved by everybody.  ItĄŻs a real battle if we talk about the number of people who call themselves Christians.  Any organization that wants to succeed will follow that route [seek to increase attendance numbers].

Q:  Is this a God-sent delusion?

I hope so!  I hope and pray every day that we are watching the formation of the whore of Babylon!

[See Rev. 17 and Pr. 7, and contrast that with the virgin bride of Christ in Eph. 5:25-32; Rev. 19:7-9.]


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