Some Helpful Information Sources

Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly (Psalm 1:1a). This includes people who avoid the propaganda of mainstream media as well as some alternate media that is run by ungodly men. The news sources listed below are independent. They have no known ties to government, corporations, the corporate media or government funded universities. They regularly expose the wrongdoings of government and corporate entities. They care about the little guy (normal people) and just want to teach the truth and help people understand reality and make informed decisions for their futures.

Christian Watchmen

  • Watchman's Cry - Nathan Leal's research, sermons and prophetic dreams
  • The Sharpening Report - Research by Josh Peck
  • Steve Quayle - Researcher and watchman for 40 years
  • Hagmann & Hagmann - Intelligence reports & radio show by Doug & Joe Hagmann, professional private investigators
  • Skywatch TV - News and research from Tom Horn, Gary Stearman and Derek and Sharon Gilbert
  • Trunews - News and Commentary from Rick Wiles
  • The Appearance Ministries - Augusto Perez info
  • Bride Ministries - Spiritual tools, prayers and interviews by Dan Duval
  • Omega Times - Brian Hay's research
  • Brother Hawk - Audio with news and views and intel from various sources
  • Al Cuppett - Intelligence updates and views from a retired action officer formerly on the US Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • L.A. Marzulli's blog - especially about developments in the UFO world
  • Omegashock - John Little's research
  • Paul McGuire - Watchman and writer
  • Stan Deyo - Scientist, formerly worked for the Illuminati on anti-gravitic propulsion projects in the 1970s; wife Holly has great prepper info

Financial Commentators

Other Good Information

  • Omegaman Radio - Free Deliverance and Exorcism by the authority of Jesus, with Shannon Ray Davis
  • Shatter the Darkness - Teaching and information from Russ Dizdar on spiritual warfare and End Times
  • Before It's News - Well categorized alternate news
  • All Pipeline News - News & cutting-edge alternative news; updated frequently
  • Hand fo Help Ministries - a collection of teaching, dreams and visions from Dimitru Duduman and his grandson, Michael Boldea
  • Weekend Vigilante - Interviews and news by Sheila Zilinski
  • - Updates on persecution of Christians around the world
  • Alberino Analysis - Brief documentary videos by Tim Alberino
  • Walid Shoebat - articles by former Muslim Brotherhood member from Israel who got saved and now follows Jesus and teaches on events in the Middle East from a Biblical perspective
  • Palestinian Media Watch - Monitoring and analyzing the Palestinian Authority through its media and schoolbooks
  • Beyond the Physical Realm - Carolyn Hamlett's blog about freedom and deliverance through Jesus from the New World Order and the invisible hierarchy of evil
  • Doc Marquis - Ex-illuminati witch who decided to follow Jesus instead of Lucifer; has good teaching DVDs and some articles
  • The Liberty Man - John Moore's radio show and information
  • The Common Sense Show - Dave Hodge's articles and radio archives
  • Brasscheck TV - tons of well-organized videos about news and history that is seldom taught in school
  • Reality Zone Unfiltered News - Weekly news summaries by G. Edward Griffin, writer of 'Creature from Jekyll Island'
  • Infowars - news and commentary from Alex Jones and his team
  • Centre for Research on Globalization - News articles, commentary, background research and analysis on a broad range of issues, focussing on social, economic, strategic and environmental processes