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The NT is about Jesus, and the most basic book about Jesus is the Gospel of John.

John 1:

John 2:

John 3:

John 4:

John 5:

This information is from The Sovereign Creator Has Spoken, Objective Authority for Living, The New Testament with Commentary, Second Edition, by Dr. Wilbur N. Pickering, ThM, PhD. This English translation of the New Testament follows the only significant line of transmission, both ancient and independent, that has a demonstrable archetypal form in all 27 books. The manuscripts are so consistent and available from such diverse places in the early heartland of the Christian Church - Jerusalem, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Rome - that it is safe to say that they represent the original manuscripts. This is based on the reasoning that:

  1. God is good and loving and wants to have a close personal relationship with every person He created;
  2. God communicates to the world through His faithful followers;
  3. God chose 40 extremely loyal followers to write the Bible for people of all ages;
  4. God does not change and is not the author of confusion;
  5. God is powerful enough to make sure that the job of preservation of the Biblical text got done through intelligent and extremely detail-oriented copyists whose standard was perfection.

Thus, readers can rest assured that God has indeed preserved His written Word for people today so that they can enjoy it and benefit from it as much as people did over 1,900 years ago!

The original works of Dr. Pickering are available in PDF format at and Walk In His The original printed version of The Sovereign Creator Has Spoken was originally made available at The Christian Commons and is still available at

It is hoped that this work will continue ... please pray for the work if you like it!