Helpful News Sources


Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly (Psalm 1:1a). This includes people who avoid the propaganda of mainstream media. (See Why Nobody Should Trust the Mainstream News.)

The news sources listed below are independent. They have no known ties to government, corporations, the corporate media or government funded universities. They regularly expose the wrongdoings of government and corporate entities. They care about the little guy (normal people) and just want to teach the truth and help people understand reality and make informed decisions for their futures.


Traditionally, a watchman is someone who stood on a wall of a city to look for approaching enemies and warn the people in the city.
Steve Quayle Important news & research from a watchman of 40 years
Stan Deyo News, free prep info, scientific info from a man who worked for the elite on secret projects in the 1970s
Hagmann & Hagmann Intelligence reports & radio show by Doug & Joe Hagmann, professional private investigators
Raiders News Network News and research from Tom Horn on the Vatican, aliens, transhumanism, and more
The Appearance Ministries Augusto Perez info
Omega Times End Times truth from Brian Hay
Watchman's Cry Nathan Leal's articles and audios. God has given Nathan numerous prophetic dreams and a good analytical mind. Nathan regularly shares Scripture relevant to America's spiritual condition. He has also shared his dreams and his analysis of spiritual events like train wrecks, 2012 Olympics and Superbowl spiritual messages.
Brother Hawk Audio with news and views from the back side
Al Cuppett Intelligence updates from a retired action officer formerly on the US Joint Chiefs of Staff
Paul McGuire Articles and videos
Doc Marquis Good teaching DVDs and some articles by an ex-illuminati witch who decided to follow Jesus instead of Lucifer.
The Liberty Man John Moore's radio show and information
Vine of Life News Important current news from a Christian perspective
The Common Sense Show Dave Hodge's articles and radio archives 


These men mostly believe in classical or Austrian economic theory, which teaches that governments must back their currencies with tangible assets like gold and must balance their budgets and not steal from the people through inflation of the money supply and high taxation.
Investing Money With Experts' Help Writings of Jay O'Keefe plus summaries with links to important recent financial news
Rogue Money in-depth news and analysis which stays ahead of the markets and global events
JS Mineset Investment info & commentary from a veteran trader
Zero Hedge Tyler Durdan's commentary on significant financial news
Shadow Government Statistics Real US Govt. economic statistics
Ken Schortgen Jr Finance Examiner
Ed Steer's Gold and Silver Daily
King World News Investment info from experts
Ted Butler Research Expert silver analysis
Ted Butler Archives Recent public articles
Gold Antitrust Action Committee
The Korelin Economics Report
Ed Steer's Gold and Silver Daily
Before It's News Well categorized alternate news
Weekend Vigilante Interviews by Sheila Zilinski Updates on persecution of Christians around the world
News in Two Minutes by Full Spectrum Survival
Walid Shoebat Former Muslim Brotherhood member now peace activist
Palestinian Media Watch Monitoring and analyzing the Palestinian Authority through its media and schoolbooks
Brasscheck TV Well-organized videos about news and history that is never taught in school


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