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Science and the Bible
Why the earth may be the only planet that can sustain complex life (7 min. video)
Creation, science, evolution and dinosaurs (1hour, 56 min. video)
As Were The Days of Noah - by Dr. Wilbur N. Pickering, ThM, PhD (article) 
Gen. 6 hybrids by Dr. Mike Heiser, expert in Hebrew and Semitic Languages: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
Fallen angels in end times: external threat to unite man: Part 1: (01:00 to 10:57)  Part 2: (0:00 - 9:13)
Evidence of giants on the earth long ago (10 min. video)       Book of Enoch Ch. 6
Global Flood explained with the Hydroplate Theory (6 min. video)     Dr. Walt Brown's book
Noah's ark found in Turkey  |  Noah's Ark Found in Turkey - more evidence
Sodom & Gomorrah found (text and video)
Red Sea crossing site found in Gulf of Aqaba (text and video)
Mount Sinai found in Saudi Arabia (text and video)
OT Book Introductions
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MS PowerPoint Presentations MS Word Notes and Articles
Introduction to the Bible
Introduction to Genesis Notes for Genesis Introduction   Melchizadek
Introduction to Exodus (updated August 2012) The Plagues and the gods of Egypt 
Introduction to Leviticus Notes for Leviticus & Numbers Introduction 
Introduction to Numbers
Introduction to Deuteronomy
Introduction to Joshua
Introduction to Judges and Ruth Charts for Judges
Introduction to 1 & 2 Samuel High Places and Israel's Center of Worship
Introduction to 1 & 2 Kings Lost Tribes of Israel
Introduction to 1 & 2 Chronicles
Introduction to Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther Charts for Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther
Esther - Making a Difference
Introduction to Job
Introduction to Psalms
Intro to Proverbs, Ecc. & Song of Solomon
Introduction to the OT Prophetic Writings OT Prophetic Writings (chart)
Introduction to Isaiah
Introduction to Daniel Jeremiah, Daniel and Ezekiel Timeline



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