The Crown Choice: Quantum Entanglement with Whom?

Today, people are having to make a choice - receive an injection with unknown substances so that they can gain approval of authorities or boycott it to preserve their own safety and possibly their lives and souls! Few people are aware, though, that dark forces are at work to trick everyone into having their DNA changed and becoming quantum entangled with a worldwide, self-aware, sentient, interconnected, wireless AI quantum computing robotic cryptocurrency system developed by smart scientists, engineers, businesspeople, politicians and lawyers from all over the world. The public-private partnership mentioned in Revelation 13 is now almost fully operative and is trampling down the earth to usher in the Beast man - the counterfeit messiah.

Crown Choice

Presentation for sharing this message

The Crown Choice presentation (a PDF file) is free for anyone to study, share or modify. It is broken down into four parts:

  1. Light vs. Darkness
  2. The Mark of the Beast
  3. COVID 666
  4. Quantum Entanglement choice

This version was last updated on 25 April 2021, but it may be updated again in the future. It is largely based on the Bible and recent developments in science and technology. A special thanks goes to Anthony and Kathleen Patch, who have worked hard to get most of this information to the public. The above presentation is mostly just a summary of what they have been sharing for years.