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Jimmy DeYoung resided in Jerusalem for twelve years, starting in 1991, and reported on news on this important city.  Currently, he travels throughout the US and around the world, bringing with him the latest news from out of the Middle East.  He regularly teaches, preaches and conducts interviews with experts on the Middle East, the European Union and other areas related to Bible prophecy.  He has a unique way of blending political and biblical insights to help people see how God is working today through political events to fulfill Bible prophecy.

The MP3 audio files listed below are a small collection of excerpts from the audio he makes available for free at http://prophecytoday.com/.

Israel & the Mid-East
1967 Buffer Zones - Why They Are Important for the Survival of Israel
2 Jewish Nations - Information
2 Jewish Nations - Scripture
Balfour Declaration
Code of Conduct for Conversions in Israel
Israel's Borders
Jerusalem - the Center of the Earth
Jerusalem - the Center of the Garden of Eden
Jerusalem - Past, Present and Future
Jews in the Tribulation
Land Covenant of God to Israel
Nations of Genesis, Part 1
Nations of Genesis, Part 2
Palestine History
Petra, the 7th Wonder of the World
Syria in the End Times
Tabernacle and Temple - Past, Prophetic and Present
Temple - Past, Present and Prophetic
Temples - 3rd and 4th
Tony Blair the His Job as Mid-East Envoy for the Quartet
Tower of the Flock (Migdal Adar)
911 - Opening Pandora's Box
One World Government (New World Order)
Creationism Banned in Public Schools in Europe
Daniel 11 and Leaders, Including the Antichrist
Daniel 11 - 4 Kingdoms
Nimrod's One World Government
Revived Roman Empire
False Church - Whore Babylon
Problem of the Jesuits by Brandon House
Babylon, Pergamos and Rome - Revelation 17 & 18
Emergent Church & the Purpose Driven Life
Emerging Church's View of Israel
Global Warming from a Biblical View - Dr. John Whitcomb
Allegorical Interpretation and Dating of Revelation
Infectous Disease Is Spreading Faster Than Ever
Killer Robots
Kosovo 101 - Basic Background
Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory
Prophecy and Literal Interpretation of the Bible
Russia, OPEC and China
UFO's and Evil Angels
 Jewish Feasts
7 Major Jewish Feasts, 4 Fulfilled
Feast of Tabernacles
Pentecost Explanation
Purim and the Edomites
Yom Kippur


This information and the MP3 audio files are made available with permission of Prophecy Today.

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