Doctors Warn Against COVID-19 Vaccines

Some people seem to think that the COVID vaccines are just like any other vaccines, but they are not. Many doctors around the world are warning people privately off the record not to take the covid vaccines. They usually don't say it publicly so that they don't lose their jobs by going against the official narrative. However, some doctors have come out to make public statements. Below are some quotes from a popular video they made.

5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It

Dozens of Doctors Warn Against COVID-19 Vaccines

These men and women are very brave! They are risking their professional careers (and maybe their lives) to warn people of the dangers of these new types of vaccines. God bless these men and women!

Here are some of the most important quotes:

Dr. Ralf ER Sundberg (Sweden): The PCR test is inaccurate. It acutally causes so many false positives, so we are scared to vaccination, and I don't trust this vaccine.

Dr. Johan Denis (Belgium): The corona vaccine is not proven safe and effective. There is no medical emergency. It is a fake pandemic. It was all orchestrated to make you fearful enough to make you take the vaccine. This vaccine has been developed too quickly. We have no idea what the long-term effects will be. It needs much more investigation. There is no hurry or emergency. It might possibly change your DNA. This is irreversible and irrepairable for ALL future generations - an experiment on humanity. I would never give it to myself, my patients or my loved ones. We are no guinea pigs. There is nanotechnology present in this vaccine. Nanobots in hydrogels have bene developed for military purposes. There are strong indications it could make you a controllable puppet by means of your own smart phone connecte with a 5G network and artificial intelligence. In this way you could lose everything that makes you human. Very useful information can be found at

Dr. Carrie Madej (USA): I will not take the

Here are some of the other quotes:

Dr. Andrew Kaufman (USA): The COVID-19 vaccine has not proven safe or effective, because there has not been enough time.

Dr. Hilde De Smet (Belgium): I'd like to say that the new COVID-19 vaccine is not safe and that there is no global medical pandemic. For almost 20 years, the pharmaceutical industry has been trying to develop corona vaccines but never managed, because they saw in the animal trials that there were serious side effects - autoimmune disorders - when the animal was exposed to a new wild-type virus. These autoimmune disorders are comparable with the complications we have seen in some COVID-19 patients. Now, due to the excuse of a global pandemic, the Pharma industry has the permission to skip the animal trials. This means that we humans will be the guinea pigs, and we might get severe side effects when we are exposed to new viruses.

Dr. Nils R Fosse (Norway): The COVID-19 vaccine has not been proven safe and effective. It's a new technology, and it's been tested on a few thousands of people in a few months. Please do your own research. This is not a real medical pandemic. The death rates in Norway are not higher than in an average year.

Dr. Elizabeth Evans (UK): We believe that it is reckless and unnecessary to roll out these essentially experimental vaccines that are using a completely new mRNA technology to millions of people, when there is only limited short-term safety data, no evidence that they will prevent transmission of the virus, and no long-term safety data to rule out late-onset negative effects, like autoimmune diseases, infertility and cancers.

Dr. Vernon Coleman (UK): Doctors aren't allowed to question COVID-19 in public. Material containing the truth about the alleged disease and the vaccine is banned. In the last year, I've been demonized and lied about and a 50-year career and reputation trashed by those promoting a pandemic that never was and a vaccine that was never needed. The whole COVID-19 scam is as I've said in March 2020 the greatest hoax in history. The principle of informed consent is essentially missing, but patients now having vaccines can't give informed consent, because they aren't being informed. Thank heavens for sites such as BrandNewTube, which carry videos by doctors who've been censored or banned elsewhere.

Prof. Dolores Cahill (Ireland): The coronavirus and the lockdown was not as severe as was thought. We know that we can treat the symptoms of COVID-19 with vitamin D, C and Zinc and with very safe medicines. A vaccine is not necessary. There has never been a licensed RNA vaccine, and this is not because they have not had many clinical trials, but in the safety studies, there were significant adverse events and death in the animals that were used in these studies over the past 20 years.

Dr. R Zac Cox (UK): I'm a founder member of the World Doctor's Alliance. I believe that the pandemic is fundamentally over and was so in the summer. I also firmly believe that ther eis no long-term safety data on ANY of the COVID vaccines. This means that they are essentially experimenting on us, which is against the Nuremberg Code.

Dr. Anna Forbes (UK): I'm a UK medical doctor here representing the UK Medical Freedom Alliance. We believe that there has been an overestimation of the public health risk from SARS COV-2 due to misrepresentation of data and inappropriate use of the PCR test. We call for the preservation of informed consent, medical choice and bodily autonomy. As doctors we believe it is absolutely crucial to maintain.

Dr. Anne Fierlafijn (Belgium): I think it's unacceptable that all liabilities have been waived for the companies that are producing it. If Pharma doesn't take responsibility for the product they make, how can they expect doctors to inject them to their patients without doubt of doing harm? The measures of corona cause more collateral damage than the virus itself.

This is only a few. The video has more. It is on Bitchute, because Google has been censoring YouTube videos.

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