Vaccination Russian Roulette

Despite popular notions of vaccines are safe, many medical experts believe that they are potentially unsafe and often ineffective. It's also public knowledge that many are cannibalistic, since they include the tissues of aborted babies! Furthermore, many parents have testified how their children were harmed by vaccines - some in short-term illness, some in life-long illness or debilitation. According to Cambridge Dictionary, Russian roulette is "a very dangerous game of chance where each player aims at their own head with a gun that has one bullet in it and five empty chambers (= spaces where bullets could go); the action of taking very serious risks with something important." Thus, today, receiving vaccinations is a game of Russian Roulette.

Vaccines are Potentially Unsafe

Vaccines typically include toxic metals like mercury and aluminum that are known neurotoxins. Although vaccine manufacturers staate that these metals are adjuvants thata assist in the innoculation process, they are neurotoxins. Why take the risk of adverse effects? Furthermore, the number of cases of autism has dramatically increased since vaccines were introduced a few decades ago on a large scale. Amazingly, many states in the US now recommend that children receive up to 72 shots by the time they turn 18!"

Big Pharma Vaccine Scam

"... The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil..." - 1 Timothy 6:10

The ultimate aim of pharmaceutical companies (aka "Big Pharma") is to make money. They don't want people to rely on naatural means of being healthy, because that would mean less sales and less money! They work closely with schools of western medicine and western doctors to make sure that the scam works. The normal way it works is that the universities get funding from people connected to Big Pharma, so they can influence what kind of research is done and what kind is not done. Thus, the truth about alternative health measures is often suppressed in academic circles.

Then, Big Pharma also works with mainstream media to promote vaccines and suppress the truth about alternative treatments. In some cases, they also hire hitmen to knock out medical experts who tell people not to vaccinate, although they are sometimes kind enough to threaten them first so they can choose to quit on their own. At the same time, Big Pharma invests a lot of money in hiring lobbyists to lobby lawmakers so as to restrict by law alternative medical treatment or research and at the same time make laws that are friendly towards Big Pharma. Then, they also work with the FDA and CDC to get vaccines fast-tracked, and they have hundreds more in the pipeline.

Next, they collude with doctors and hospitals to make parents believe that vaccinations for their children are good and standard practice. The ultimate goal is to get the whole world as crazy about vaccines as the state of California, which now only allows students to enter state universities if they have had all the mandated vaccines!

Vaccine Cannibalism

It's public knowledge that many vaccines have included tissues of murdered babies! This is cannibalism and contrary to God's natural law and contrary to most social norms, except that it's done quietly without consent in most cases. Ask a doctor. Many are too busy to read the fine print and simply trust everything that the FDA and CDC and WHO say, since they had to follow all their teachings for many years to become certified western medical practitioners.

So in answer Peter and the Apostles said:"One must obey God rather than men." - Acts 5:29 SCS

Just say NO

You don't have to put yoru children or yourself at risk. Just say no to vaccines. You have sovereign rights over your own body and your children's bodies. If people tell you that you need to vaccinate for the good of the community, tell them that they've been mind-controlled by the established media and Big Pharma. Do your homework and listen to experts and parents who know the truth. Pray and ask your Sovereign Creator to guide you, protect you and teach you in the right way.