Psalm 64: A Conspiracy Target's Prayer for Divine Protection

Throughout history, evil men have formed conspiracies against innocent men. Psalm 64 was written by King David, who was constantly in danger for living a holy life and standing against evil men. He not only understood conspiracies; he survived through them and also helped others survive. If you think that you are a targeted individual or that the New World Order is be after you, then David's prayer can be very helpful today. In fact, it may result in God saving your life! Many whistleblowers, conspiracy targets and people who knew too much have died due to lack of Divine Protection. Good behavior and good intentions may not be enough to stop the New World Order from assassinating you. We all need Divine protection.

To the Chief Musician, a Psalm of David

O God! Please hear the sound of my mournful appeal; I ask You to protect my life and cast off the threats of the enemy. I ask you to hide me and cut me off from the conspiracy of the wicked and from the insurrection of the workers of wickedness.

They sharpen their tongues like swords; they spit out evil and poisonous words like shooting sharp arrows, that they may shoot and kill an innocent man from well-concealed positions; they snipe at him unexpectedly without any fear. They encourage each other, make an evil plan and discuss how to secretly devise traps, saying, "Who will be able to see them?" They craftily plot evil, saying, "We've devised the most detailed and careful conspiracy!" Men's thoughts and meditations of the heart surely cannot be measured.

But God will use arrows to shoot at them. They will surely suddenly be wounded. All of them will hurt themselves with their own tongues and certainly fall; all who see them will shake their heads. And all men shall fear and declare the works of God and ponder all that He has done. Let the righteous rejoice in Jehovah and take refuge in Him; let all men of upright heart boast of Him.

Last Hour of Light Translation