Serious Questions about the U.S. Government Debt

The U.S. Government has loans that it may never be able to repay. This is not good, but most Americans are not talking a lot about consequences in the future, especially regarding debt to China. If you are a serious-minded person, here are some questions to consider regarding this increasingly dangerous situation.

1. What happens historically when a government's debt exceeds 200% of its GDP?

  • Can they repay it?
  • What type of collateral do their creditors demand?

2. What happens historically when a government hyperinflates its currency?

  • How do the people respond?
  • How do the creditors respond?

3. What happens historically when a debtor nation has a very powerful military?

  • How long can they use their military might to buy time to "find" new sources of funding?
  • At what point is it too difficult to rely on the external sources of funding that they have "found"?

4. Since the people running things in Washington and Beijing are intelligent people, what should we expect from them?

  • Have they studied history and understood the possible ramifications regarding the US Government debt?
  • Have they been quietly discussing the matter out of the media spotlight?
  • Is it possibe that they have already made some agreements in terms of collateral on the default?

5. When it comes to negotiating bankrupcy and/or restructuring debt, would it be better to wait until the eventual day of default or instead make quiet negotiations beforehand and then choose actors to carry out the process under media spotlight at some later date?

  • What kind of actors would be chosen?

6. If perhaps present day media were to be primarily for entertainment and propaganda purposes, what kind of drama would producers produce so as to draw the emotions of the audiences into the stories?

  • Would it be the same in both the U.S. and China? or different?
  • Would it include explicit mention of the discussion of restructuring debt, or would it merely leave small clues and build up to a dramatic scene of surprise so as to fully engage the emotions of the audiences?
  • What information would be censored from the media or moved to the bottom of search results on Internet search engines?

7. If the script of the drama were to include the execution of a lien on U.S. government debt and seizing collateral, what would that look like?

  • If so, how would Americans feel about that?
  • Would it be easier for Beijing to execute a lien and seize the collateral before or after an internal conflice or civil war among Americans?
  • Based on Beijing's track record in Asian countries of pseudo-colonialization, how should we expect them to do things in the US?
  • How would it be similar or different?
  • Would it require a PLA military presence in CONUS? in advance?