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10 Signs That Jesus Is Coming Back Soon  |  Rapture Insurance
Has the Beast from the Earth Officially Arisen?  |  The Beast from the Sea
The US in Bible Prophecy  |  美國在聖經預言 | Wars and Rumors of Wars
China in Bible Prophecy  |  Ї}A  | 𠎺͑𠎵{
Babylon USA  |  Tribulation Contingency Plan 
Old Testament Prophetic Warnings for Today's Christians
Some Signs of the Return  of Jesus Christ and the End of the Age - English and Chinese
An Overview of World History from 604 BC to 20XX AD
Alignment of the Nations Against Israel
Silver and Gold Today and in the End Times
Israel and Prophecy
Doeg the Edomite and UN Peacekeepers in the US
Facing an Uncertain Future - English and Chinese
Visions & Dreams Regarding America
Words from other authors
The Day of the Lord is at Han (Excerpts) - by Benjamin Baruch
MP3 Audio from Jimmy DeYoung's Prophecy Today
Prophecy of the Popes
Tom Horn: numerous calendars have something to say about 2012
Debunking the Russia/War of Gog and Magog Myth
CHART:The War of Gog and Magog and the Battle of Armageddon
Audio & Video 

The Coming Four Blood Moons

The Vision by David Wilkerson (1973, mp3, 43 min.) 
Dimitru Duduman's Testimony and Vision America's Sudden Destruction
The Power Behind the N W O
David Wilkerson's Message of Warning to the US
Iron Mountain Report and the Rise of the Antichrist (2 hr, 21min)
Civil War in the US
I AM vs The New World Order (2005) - Al Cuppett (1 hr., 15 min.)

Largest oil reserve in world under Israel may cause war - Stan Deyo intel

Brother Bob's 2016 prophecy about Obama and Israel:

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