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Silver is often called "poor man's gold." It is both a monetary metal and an industrial metal.

12 Reasons Silver Is a Better Investment Than Gold

  • There is less silver in the world for investors today than gold.
    (See Where Is the Silver?)
  • The historic gold:silver ratio is 15:1, but today's ratio is much higher.
  • For every real ounce of silver in tradable form, there are approximately 100 ounces of paper silver impersonating real silver and artificially keeping the price down.
  • There is concentrated short selling on the COMEX silver futures market that is equal to several months' of global production and which clearly suppresses the silver spot price but has been overlooked by the CFTC for many years.
  • (170 days of world production as of 7 Sept. 2010.)
  • Silver bullion is harder to buy than gold bullion in many countries.
  • Silver is the most popular conductor of electricity in many electronics products, like computers, cell phones, TVs, DVDs, iPods, RFID tags, wall switches.
  • Silver is a superior reflector of light and is used in photography and mirrors.
  • Silver is used in many washing machines, refrigerators, batteries, solar energy, nanotechnology and some health products.
  • Silver is used in about 90% of all crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, which are the most common type of solar cell.
    (See Solar Energy.)
  • There is no substitute for silver in many of the above applications.
  • Few people know about silver, but many people know about gold.
  • In Bible times, a day's wages was one denarius, which had about 1/10 of an ounce of silver. Thus, ten days of hard work would yield about one ounce. Think about the value of ten days of labor today. One ounce of silver could be worth even more!

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