Gold and Silver Dealers - Last updated 5 October 2022

Silver Dealers

Lee Cheong Gold
Dealers Ltd.

Kitco Hong Kong

Swiss Investors Corporation Ltd.

Gold City
Gold Bar Ltd

LPM Lucius Precious Metals


999 gold and silver bars from China; 0.8 tael, 1 tael, 4 taels, 500g (decent looking)

Rounds and bars; Eagles, Maples, Cougars, Vienna Philharmonic, Australian Lunar & Koala & Kookaburra, Kitco/SMI Sunshine, Canadian RCM

Rounds and bars; Austrian Philharmonic (APM), Maples

Austrian Philharmonic, USA Morgan, NTR, Perth Mint, Canadian Maples& Cougars, Eagles, Pandas, generic


65-69 Bonham Strand East
(文咸東街 Sheung Wan
(about 70 meters from the Sheung Wan MTR Exit A2)

Shun Tak Centre, Unit 1405, 14/F, West Tower, 168-200 Connaught Rd Central, Sheung Wan

1602, 16/F, Gee Tuck Building,
16-20 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan
(MTR Sheung Wan, Exit A2)

Maysha Street, Sheung Wan

Gold and Silver Commercial Building

Room 701-702, 7th Floor

2/F, 33 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

(1-minute walk from MTR Central Station Exit B / Hong Kong Station Exit C)


9-5, M-F

Office : 9-5:30, M-F (except HK public holidays)
Online store : Mon. 9:00 a.m. to Sat. 1:00 a.m., (Closed on weekends)

9-6, M-F

11-6, M-F

10am-7pm, M-F

Selling price (to the customer)

Around 3% over NY spot price plus a small making charge (HK$10 for 1 tael rounds, $25 for 4 tael bars, $90 for 500g bars)

Around 17-19% over spot for small items and quantities, less for larger quantities

Around 17% over spot for small items and quantities

Around 8-20% over spot for small items and quantities

Buying price (from the customer)

Around 2% below spot for their own products; around 10% below spot for for other products

Around 2% below spot for their own products only and not more than what was sold.


Slightly over spot price, but ask first

Quantities normally available:

In stock : some 0.8 tael rounds, a few dozen 1 tael rounds; some 4 tael bars; 20 or more 500g bars
Available one day after deposit : 100 pieces of 500g bars
Available one week after deposit : 1000 pieces of 500g bars

Thousands of some popular items




Cash and carry

Cash and carry or prepayment

Cash and carry

Cash and carry

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2542-1975, 2542-1400



2870 2220

+852 3568 6834