UFOs, Aliens and Alien Abductions
& How to Overcome Their Evil Influence

The following information is a basic introduction to UFOs, aliens and alien abductions. Although much controversy surrounds these subjects, according to L.A. Marzulli of lamarzulli.wordpress.com, they are nevertheless real, burgeoning and not going away. Although many people and the mainstream media either laugh at or ignore the reality, a growing number of people are studying Ufology and Exopolitics. People of all religions are recognizing that something paranormal is happening. To some it is good. To others it is evil. Chinese version



However, many serious and scholarly Christians believe that these beings are not from other planets but are rather demons or fallen angels. According to the Bible, one third of the angels followed Lucifer, and they are at war with the good two thirds in the heavenly realms. (See Revelation 12:1-9). According to Guy Malone of AlienResistance.org, extensive research reveals that there are three main reasons why aliens who have contacted humans are actually demons or fallen angels:

  1. Aliens bring primarily religious messages
  2. Abductions can be terminated by calling on the name and authority of Jesus Christ.
  3. The powers of aliens and angels are the same.

If a person studies the Bible, he can see that the modern alien phenomenon is just a new method of Satan to trick people and make them follow him and his fallen angels instead of following Jesus Christ. The Bible says that Jesus loves us and died for us and wants to give us eternal life if we follow Him. Satan and his angels do not love us. They offer people hidden knowledge and power and other benefits which may be nice for a short time, but his retirement plan is terrible - eternity in hell. The Bible says that Jesus created all things. The aliens teach that they are the creators. Jesus sets people free from sinful habits and demons. The aliens cause pain and fear and oppression by evil spirits. Jesus promises to return one day to defeat Satan and all his followers. Satan is busy causing chaos in the world - poverty, starvation, disease, financial collapses, political strife, wars and deception. Soon he will empower a false savior who will emerge in the world and convince people from all religions to follow him. Do not do this, or you will end up in the lake of fire. Only Jesus can save the world and save you. He himself said that He is the way and the truth and the life.

Thus shall ye say unto them, The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens. - Jeremiah 10:11

Alien Abductions