10 Signs That Jesus Is Coming Back Soon

"When you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near." - Luke 21:31

No one can tell us with certainty what tomorrow's weather will be except the one who causes it - God - but by listening to the weather report or looking at the sky, people use their eyes and their brains to at least make an educated guess about tomorrow's weather. Likewise, no one can tell us with certainly when the exact timing of Jesus' return will be except the one who will cause it to happen, God the Father (Mt. 12:36), but by listening to the right information sources, people can use their eyes and their brains to at least make an educated guess about how close we are to the return of Jesus Christ. Jesus said that when you see certain things begin to happen, "Look up and lift up your heads, for your redemption draws near," and "when you see them happen the kingdom of God is near" (Luke 21:28,31). Jesus and Paul both taught that the proper way to wait for His return is to therefore be watchful, ready and sober (Matthew 24:42-44,25:13; 1 Th. 5:6).

The apostle John wrote that when Jesus appears, we who believe in Him shall become like him, and everyone having this hope in Him purifies himself (1 John 3:2,3). He also wrote that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Revelation 19:10). So two benefits of studying Bible prophecy and comparing it to world events are personal purification and a better understanding of Jesus. Besides, in 1 Th. 4:18, Christians are commanded to encourage each other with words about the return of Christ. Hebrews 10:24,25 also says that as we should regularly meet to encourage one another, especially as we see the Day of Jesus' return approaching.

Although we cannot say with certainty how today's events are related to Bible prophecy, it is unwise to ignore them. Following are 10 for your consideration. The first seven are already happening. The last three are in preparatory stages:

Signs that are already Happening

1. One world government is almost complete

2. One world religion is complete - Scientism

3. One comon DNA pattern

4. Posthumanism - mixing iron with clay

5. People worshipping theh image of the 7-headed Beast on their smartphones

6. Strong delusion - AI mind control

7. Public-private Partnerships coercing people to take the Mark of the 7-headed Beast

8. Great Reset of financial system - so only people with the Mark can buy and sell

9. Great falling away - most Christians have already taken the Mark

10. Rebellion and lawlessness - Black Awakening / red horse seal coming