Old Testament Prophetic Warnings for Today's Christians

Most Christians today are Biblically illiterate and do not understand the mind of God. Some have read selected portions of the Bible, so they have some idea of who God is and what He expects, but few have read the entire Bible to get a complete picture. Most Christians tend to focus on the New Testament, but most are unaware that the first followers of Jesus didn't have the New Testament. All they had were the Old Testament and the oral teaching of the Jesus and the early Church leaders. Thus, it is very important to study the entire Bible. Today, as God is bringing judgment on various peoples in the world through evil invisible entities operating through men, it is essential for anyone who wants to understand the times we live in to study the Old Testament, especially the prophetic writings. God spoke to these men in order to point out the sins of the people and call people to repentance before the next stage of judgment came. Below are a few examples of messages that speak to people today, especially America, since it originally was to a large extent a God-fearing, Bible-believing nation. But now, only a small minority of people can be thus described.

Ezekiel 14

When a land sins against God by trespassing grievously, then God will send famine (economic trouble), noisome beasts, a sword (foreign invasion) and pestilence. It's progressive pain to bring people to repentance and wake up a remnant and preserve it.

Ezekiel 16

When God's people commit fornication and sacrifice their sons and daughters (abortion), God delivers them into the will of people who hate them, gives them blood in fury and jealousy and burns their houses.

Ezekiel 8

God will expose the secret idols of a degenerate people - their gods and goddesses and golden calves.

Ezekiel 21

As a result of the general population rebelling against God, terrorism and the sword come upon both the righteous and the wicked - a sore slaughter.

Ezekiel 22

Before God judges a people, He will first expose their sins, like murder, idolatry, dishonoring parents, oppression, despising God's holy things, giving false pretexts to shed blood (like 911 false flags, freedom and democracy), lewdness, adultery, accepting bribes (and campaign contributions), taking usury and increase (like the bankersters do), greedily gaining from neighbors by extortion (economic hitmen), forgetting God and dishonest gain (like the banksters and the US military industrial complex do). He also exposes the sins of the prophets and priests.

Ezekiel 9

God will protect the people who sigh and cry for all the abominations that are being done.

Jeremiah 6

War is prepared against a rebellious people. God sets watchmen to warn His people, but they do not listen. Instead, they listen to the prophets and priests (like the MSM, seeker-friendly churches and Keynesian economists) who say "peace, peace" when there is no peace.

Jeremiah 7

God's people think that God would never bring judgment upon them for wickedness. They worship the Queen of heaven (aka, Semiramus, Inanna, Ishtar, Ashtorah, Ashtoroth, Isis, Astarte, Aphrodite, Libertas (as in Statue of Liberty)), and other gods to provoke God to anger.

Jeremiah 40-41

Traitorous Ishmael conspired with foreign interests to kill God's people, but the governor Gedelaih didn't want to believe that Ishmael was that bad, so he ignored the warning of his friends who wanted to protect him. He should have listened his friends, as Ishmael did indeed assassinate him and others. (Interestingly, some people allege that some Saudi Arabians conspired to put a Muslim in the White House to solidify their 5th column. See also The First Muslim President) and Obama's Saudi Arabian Connection Exposed.)